Understanding Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an alternative wholesale method to purchase and shipping a product directly from supplier to your customer.

Dropshippers are suppliers that provide products for sale and arranged delivery directly to your customer once you pay for it. Here how it works:

  1. You find/source the products from wholesale shopping site(you can check the site with us). You list their products on eBay, Amazon or your website for sale without purchasing.
  2. When the item sells, you collect the selling price and the shipping cost from your customer.
  3. Next you can use our services for procurement and directly ship the goods to your customer.


Beside We provide services as a purchasing agent in china, taiwan and korea,we also act as a dropshipper. We provide dropship service from suppliers to help dropship agent to dropship their business to their dropship customer. Dropship agent can dropship fashion, handbag, accessories or any categories of legal items.

What is the benefit?

• No need upfront inventory investment
• No need stock Keeping
• No Need worry for packing
• No need worry for inventory
• No need worry for hassle work
• Set your own price
• find your own item in taobao at any level of price.
• huge amount of item at any type of categories

Why Us?

1. We provide same quality services to dropship agent like other member.
2. Your company or Seller name will be printed on the consignment note.

What’s the procedure to dropship?

1. When place order, please requestdropship during your checkout.
2. Provide your company name to us. We will put your company name under shipper’s address section.

What’s the pricing?

For DropShip Member, Accumulate the Spending of RMB each month and enjoy at each dropship level service charge(for 1st payment).

Please refer to membership for your member level service charge.

** Each Spending must maintain as request each month.

Member Level DropShip DropShip IP DropShip VIP
Service Charge 10% 8.5% 6.5%
Spending each Month less than RMB2000 RMB2001 to RMB4000 Above RMB4001

Top Up & Spend RM500 Within 1 Month  & Enjoy A Special DropShipping Rate with Us As Low As RM10 per Kg (as below)


Normal WM DropShip- PosLaju

Normal EM DropShip-AIRPAK Sensitive WM DropShip-Skynet Sensitive EM DropShip-AIRPAK Normal SG DropShip-Dragonlink Sensitive SG DropShip-Dragonlink
Charge <0.5KG : RM 10 per Kg

0.5 to 1KG: RM12 per Kg

1.0 to 3KG: RM12 per Kg

4.0 to 7 Kg: RM11 per Kg

East Malaysia: RM20 per KG West Malaysia: RM17 per KG East Malaysia: RM25 per KG SG: RM21 per KG SG: RM24 per KG
Minimum Ship 1Kg 1Kg
Maximum Ship 7Kg 7Kg
Custom Clearance Include Include
Duty Tax Exclude Exclude
ETA 4-6 working days 4-6 working days
Value Declare less than USD50 less than USD50
Weights Actual weights or volumetric weight whichever higher
Content Normal item Sensitive item Normal item Sensitive item


**WM= West Malaysia ; EM=East Malaysia; SG= Singapore

** This rate is offer for dropship and suitable for package less than 7 Kg.
** When Choose this method, please make sure you are agree to terms.
**It Only available for dropship member that topup and spend RM500 within a month.

Optional Service**


Optional Services Charge RM
Checking Quantity/Size/Color Not Available
Repackage Not Available
White Label Package By Default
Maximum Storage 20days

Make Your Own Tracking System For your customer when you dropship with us:

Step 1: Copy

<center><iframe src=”http://track.day2dayluvshopaholic.com/” height=”1500″ width=”560″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″></iframe></center>

Step 2: Paste

Paste above code to a page or a column of your website html page that you want to show the tracking page to your customer.

Step 3: Save Page

Save it after paste

Step 4: Preview 

Preview your front end tracking page after save. Adjust the width and height if necessary.