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When you access this site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms described below. If you do not agree to the terms discussed here, you should exit the site and refrain from placing any order. These terms of use are a legal agreement between us and describe the terms and conditions applicable to your use of our website and the services we offer including the sale of products to consumers. You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement and our Privacy Policy. This agreement includes those terms and conditions expressly set out below and those incorporated by reference. We strongly recommend that you also access and read any other information contained on other pages or websites referred to in this agreement, as they may contain further terms and conditions that apply to you.

Order Service

We (day2dayluvshopaholic.com) provide order service and international shipping service. We are intermediate/middle person/act as agent between you and sellers and between you and international couriers in China. We do not own any products/sell any products. The products are belongs to sellers/ shopping sites in China.
day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not include any goods inspection service. This service is optional, day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not responsible for any opened parcels for goods inspection.

day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not bear any responsibility for any incorrect item, item defect, quality issue, copyright issue, imitation issue, functionality issue of goods from China sellers.

No cancellation for purchase order which already paid & purchased.
day2dayluvshopaholic.com have rights to refuse in purchase any illegal products/ biding item / invalid price / invalid seller/ oversize goods

day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not responsible for custom tax. Customer will be responsible for destination custom tax.
day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not provide any after sales warranty or maintenance service.

day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not responsible on missed out china parcel that seller did not inform. Please noted your seller could be separate deliver the items in several parcels without notify us. Any missed out parcel once we has confirmed with seller and arrived warehouse hub, customer need bear the international shipping fee due to shipping charges is according the parcel weights or size.

Below are prohibited shipping items, customer required to take note to avoid purchase:

1) Virtual goods such as online game coin, mobile phone reload voucher,etc
2) Explosives, poisons, flammable items, radioactive material, compressed gas, corrosive, firearms and any items which by its nature of packing cause damage to other items
3) Chewing Gums, any of tobacco products
4) Cigarette lighters in any shape of pistols or revolvers
5) Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
6) Pornography, obscene articles/publications, video discs and software
7) Reproduction copyright of publications VCD/DVD/laser disc/Records
8) Seditious and treasonable materials
9) Endangered species of wild life and their by products
10) Alcohol
11) All Air courier restricted items


day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not bear responsibilities of local post from sellers to warehouse, it will be bear by the sellers. Any lost or broken parcel’s responsibilities will be bear by the sellers in China.

Any mistakes from the unbroken parcel such as wrong quantity, size, color, or quality will be bear by sellers.

Services will be slower during busy season, reaching up to 10-15 working Days.

Three days after item has mailed out, the status of the parcel will appear and will be constantly updated on the courier website. If you have not received the packages after 10days, please track the information on your own country’s handling courier postal website or contact your local handling courier office.

It is not 100% free of custom check when you ship the weight of parcel over 15 kilograms. As the custom is very strict about parcel weight, we suggest you should ship them by dividing into several parcels.

International Air shipping charge by Skynet, Poslaju, Airpak or ABX is exclude custom tax, customer will be responsible for custom taxes. Tax imposed happen within 0.1%. If ithappen, you only need to pay to courier when courier deliver to you as courier has assist to pay to custom. Probability tax imposed is higher if parcel’s value declared more than USD100.

Sensitive item must ship via sensitive air shipment: liquid (e.g. skincare , perfume) / cosmetics/ powder substance/ branded products (e.g. Nike, Adidas, LV, Chanel)/ counterfeit products/ electronic item (e.g. computer device, electrical equipment) / cutter item/ knife tool/ battery substance/ magnet substance/ medicine substance/ candle/ CD DVD/ sex item/ light foods & drinks/ Soap/ Radio Signal Transmitting Device

All prohibited items are not allowed to ship/import.

day2dayluvshopaholic.com is not responsible any goods damage caused by courier mishandling; insufficient or unsuitable packing by seller.

Please do check the parcel before sign. Please refuse to sign if you find out any damage or any objection. Once the parcel is signed by you, this agreed confirm parcel received in good conditions and day2dayluvshopaholic.com do not bear the responsible on this.
If you have received, please take the image and inform us within 24h. Complaint make after 24h receive will be rejected.

Customer should notify us within 24h after receiving the problems’ item. We will try our best to negotiate with seller about the problems item. But we cannot guarantee the result in satisfactory.
day2dayluvshopaholic.com not responsible any shipping delay caused by holidays, bad weather, flight delay or held in custom inspections.

International postage chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on volumetric weight calculation of size of the parcel or actual weight, whichever is higher.

Volumetric weight will not appear on the invoice if shipping weight calculated based on volumetric weight. Only actual weight will be printed on invoice.

Please be informed seller could be separate deliver the items in several parcels without notify us. Any missed out parcel once has confirmed from seller and still stock in warehouse, buyer need to bear the international shipping fee due to shipping charges is according the parcel weight or size.

Any of disagreement on weights provide will be ignored as the weights provide by international couriers is standard. Continue arguements will consider as assault and we will report this to authority.

Smooth delivery required cooperation from you. If any problems occur at your side that result from lack of buyer cooperation,buyer need to bear the consequences. Consequences such as extra cost,lost of cargo due to the consequences from your action. Full cooperation is much prefer from your side for success delivery.

Parcel offer free storage for 30days. Overdue parcel will discard without notification and no refundable.

Lost Parcel Compensation

For “Buy For Me” service, day2dayluvshopaholic.com will offer you compensation based on parcel declaration value in international shipping if the parcel lost during the delivery. A parcel declaration value should not more than USD100.

Postage/international shipping and order service charge are NOT COVER in the compensation. Compensation cover for value of declare item within USD100per order shipment based on your choice of shipment method.
Compensation cover only from warehouse china to Malaysia after confirm by international courier used. Compensation cover for value of declare item within USD100 per order shipment.

For Shipping affiliates: Anything happen in order part are NOT COVER in the compensation.international shipping charge up to max RM50 can COVER in the compensation if international parcel lost. But value of parcel not cover. therefore any party that choose for shipping service/shipping affiliate can choose for insurance coverage. affiliate must contain awareness before choose for the service. Shipping affiliates must submit correct declaration price and products name, incorrect willcaused custom inspection, consfiscate or penalty. All this risk responsible will bear by affiliates.


Customer should notify us within 24h after receiving the problems’ item. We will try our best to negotiate with seller about the problems item. But we cannot guarantee the result in satisfactory.

We reserved the rights to reject any items that are not meeting the specs of refund/returns of items thats purchased

We do not provide service to ship back to china from Malaysia or your origin country, if customer decide to return item back to china, he/she must arrange and bear the responsibilities and cost of delivery back to China and the Duty fee in destination.

Please refer to after return policies for more details.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
We do not hold the responsibilities of seller’s item page or content.
We do not hold responsibilities of your seller’s item description, safety, or quantities, qualities.