Ordering & Payment



We offer to purchase from anysite in china as long as it safe to trade. even from wechat seller.
we also can buy for you in Taiwan and Korea
Below Show the Basic Steps of “Buy For Me” Service:
  • 1st Step: Submit order of URLs product when you browse for your favourite item
  • 2nd Step: Wait for admin quote for 1-2 h.
  • 3rd Step: Make your 1st payment to us when you agree with our quotes.
  • 4th Step: Order will be purchased within next 24h.
  • 5th Step: Wait for 3-5 days for your seller to process, packing and deliver to warehouse in China.
  • 6th Step: International Shipment will be process when all orders had arrived at the warehouse of China. Weights will be informed and updated in the order.
  • 7th Step: Make your 2nd payment to us.
  • 8th Step: International Shipment arranged and tracking code will be provide.
  • 9th Step: Wait parcel to reach your door step.


Total Charge: 1st Payment (Order Service) + 2nd Payment (International Shipping)


1st payment = (Product Sales Price (RMB) + China Dosmetic Postage (RMB))/currency * Service Charge


2nd Payment = International Shipping Fee Charges

Product Sales Price = Store Seller may change their product sales price from time to time. We will try our best effort to purchase the item within the sales period. But due to some unseen circumstances, price may vary, we will inform and highlighted the changes, and exceed charges will be debit from your member system.

China Domestic Postage = Domestic postage use in china is charged according to weight, quantity, distance and type of courier. Normal item less than 1Kg (3-5days delivery) normally charged between RMB8 to RMB15. For fastest postage in china, it charge RMB24 (within 1kg) in order to receive in 1-2 days at warehouse.

Currency = to exchange from RMB to MYR. Currency will be updated every day in announcement at homepage.

Service Charge = Please refer each member level for the purchasing Service charge.