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Fashion Dropship Market in Malaysia

In previous post we talked about dropshipping, whereas dropshipping is a wholesale method in minimum 1 quantity.

As we know that, dropship is for supplier to ship directly to the customer on behalf of seller without customer knowing. Supplier will use seller’s business name and address in the sender section on the waybill. So that when customer receive parcel from courier will know who’s the sender. But do supplier do that? Lately i do a testing on one of the most popular online fashion dropship site in Malaysia, the handbag wholesale site. You can google it and find it in 1st page of google. After i join in as their dropship’s member, i immediately make an order to deliver to my customer. As a result, i found that the sender section on the waybill was my supplier’s information, not my dropship business information, so i am very disappointing to see the dropship service they offer actually not using my business information, so what’s their dropship service for?!

Now, fashion dropship market in Malaysia is very unorganized. If compare with China e-commerce, which already developed quite a long time, their dropship market is a trend for them in wholesale industry. The supplier will not even write the supplier information on the waybill for customer to recognize, and the price offer by supplier is acceptable at wholesale price.

So what we offer here for fashion dropship from china supplier to Malaysia is exactly as the fashion dropship method in Malaysia, we will put your business name on the international shipping courier waybill, so your customer will know the parcel from you, and of course the products to dropship will be your choice of products. You can choose any of the products to dropship from our large sourcing site, which are the taobao, tmall or alibaba china 1688 at any of the price you like. if you having trouble, you can check with your taobao malaysia agent in order to help you dropshipping to Malaysia. Dropshipping to Malaysia only require 6-8 working days. Now most of the online sellers in Malaysia also use dropshipping from China to Malaysia without keeping the stock and save a lot in their business.

If you worry if your /seller products reject by your customer and like to have a return to China Supplier, no worry, talk to your taobao malaysia agent, and they will assist you.