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How to choose the best link in taobao?

How to shop at Taobao Malaysia?

Whenever you found your link, kindly please take notice on seller’s rate/score/review. You can found this under seller’s name:

taobao malaysia agent


Here’s few tips to share:

1) Choose seller with blue crown or above blue crown level as show in below image

taobao malaysia agent

as these sellers are highly experience and professional. and also had sold in high volume.


2) Choose seller score above 4.8 out of 5.0

3) Check on product page ‘s customer review.

4) You also can click into seller column which can show u quantity of customer leave a good/middle/bad review rate by previous customer in past few months:


taobao malaysia agent


These few tips can help you decide which link to shop and which not.


If you still don’t know how, you can request advice from taobao malaysia agent

Our taobao agent difference

Our difference to other taobao agent
With our taobao agent services, we give you the promise in order to give comfort and confident in your shopping experience. The Promise we made:

1. To refund only if the item is out of stock.

2. To take further action for you from the courier company when you do notice there is a broken condition on the parcel. Strongly recommend do not sign for the parcel. Please return to the postmen and ask for checking. If you already sign, please take a photo for the proof and email to us within 24 hours.

3. To compensate for the lost item during international postage starting from warehouse where we receive the parcel. It is depend on how much you declare from us. The compensation cannot more than USD50 for citylink express courier and within USD100 declare value for other courier used.

4. To provide insurance coverage for you to protect your valued items(easy breakable item). Further information please contact us.

5. If you found out your seller miss your quantity items or color or size, let us know immediately within 24h and we will talk to your seller.

*This service ONLY provide for the customer who using Taobao Agent “Purchase & Ship” AKA “Buy For Me” service.