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Taobao Malaysia Agent Offer in www.day2dayluvshopaholic.com

Our Taobao Malaysia Agent offer and latest rates:


taobao malaysia agent offer

only as low as 6.5% when you place order at www.day2dayluvshopaholic.com and using our AIR courier services.

Details please refer here: charging details

International AIR courier table rates : AIR courier services charge

This year, we are dedicated to become your number one choice in taobao malaysia, 1688 alibaba china, as well as tmall and other shopping sites purchasing and forwading agent.

Directly place order in www.day2dayluvshopaholic.com and choose your air courier services and we will quote you within 12h.

If you agree with the quotes, you can proceed payment.

How to use Taobao Malaysia Agent?

Order & international shipping services:

1) Please submit your taobao malaysia agent order with the URL link of the item you like to purchase together with Recipient’s name, Address, contact number, email address, items list, Size, Color and Quantity. The order can place with taobao malaysia agent’s website or with excel form.

2) We will feedback/reply you the quotation within 12h


1st payment+2nd payment=Total

(Price in RMB+local postage in RMB)/Currency Exchange * 1.1 + International Shipping fees
3) Payment is divide to 2 part

i) 1st Payment is for the Price for the Items

ii) International shipping fees

4) After receive the 1st payment, we will proceed to purchase the items at taobao.com within 24 hours.

5)The parcel require 2-5 days to reach our warehouse. Taobao Malaysia Agent will always help you to track your parcel from your vendor so that it can arrive earlier.

6) After arrival of the parcel, we will pack and get the weight of the parcel

5) We will inform you the weight of the parcel so you can proceed with last part of payment for international shipping fees.

6) After confirmation of payment, Taobao Malaysia Agent will arrange for the shipment

7) Tracking code provide. Wait for your parcel to arrive.